There are many different resources at GVSU that not many people utilize or even know about.  I for one am a victim of that and don’t utilize the tools that are given to me. In the business and advertising world it is very important to have connections around you so you can be successful, and GVSU does it’s best to help with those connections. However in order to be presentable to those connections you need to look the part and show the part. That is why I went to the GVSU career center.

It was here at the career center I scheduled what is called a time for 10. This is where you drop in and meet with a consultant for 10 min. In my 10 min meeting, I decided I wanted help with my resume. This will help me stand out in the business world as well as to anybody I may come across. Employers tend to glance at resumes so I felt it was important to know what it takes to have a very presentable resume.



Nearing, B. (4/19/17). screenshot [screenshot].