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Knowing what is going on your social media is extremely important now a days. With employers always looking on social media sites for future employees and current employees, you should always keep track of what you are saying. Today I learned about a very cool website that helps you do just that, as well as schedule posts for certain times and dates even though you aren’t anywhere near your computer. This is called TweetDeck.

With this website you can stay up to date with what you want to put on your social media page. This website is very helpful for advertising companies as well who may not always have access or the proper tools necessary to be able to tweet so they can decide to schedule tweets to give followers content. This can also work for promotions as well, so you can schedule a tweet a day or months in advance for the start of a promotion and not have to worry about it any more. Maybe you can use this to wish your friend a happy birthday who you always forget about 🙂



Nearing, B. (4/19/17).tweetdeck screenshot [screenshot].