Google analytics is a very important website for many people with content on the internet. Google as it is, is one of the most powerful tools to help you or your brand get noticed throughout the internet. Once you add web site traffic into that however, its a whole new ball game. Google analytics is free web service that google provides that helps you track your website traffic as well as many other things. While this may track your website traffic, it also reports your traffic to you. The ability to get feed back on your website it a priceless tool that many people do not take the opportunity to use. This can save many websites and brands.

This website makes you become familiar with google partners which is integrated with google ADwords. With this you can track landing page quality as well as conversions. The over all main goal of this website is to show dashboard type data and more in-depth data to the everyday user. This can also help with the e-commerce of a business and website as well so this is a very multidemensional and helpful website.

Everything on my blog is connected to baseball for the most part. Therefore baseball is my personal brand. I chose baseball as my personal brand because I really couldn’t think of anything that sums up my life better than this does. Ive played ever since I could walk and its been a favorite of my family from generation to generation. I hope to use this blog in the future for fun. Google analytics is important for this because it can show me how many people visited pages and what pages caught the most attention of people.

When using analytics for my blog ill be able to keep track of which of my posts people enjoy and where they spent the most time. I will then be able to take this information and implement it to create a better and more popular website that attracts attention by numerous people. Although my very poor photoshop skills are on display on this website, I hope to keep putting projects on their that will hopefully show my growth with the software, and maybe catch the attention of employers. Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 6.35.29 PM


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