Grand Valley State Baseball and Baseball Photoshop

Mayer, Kevin. GVSU Baseball Score. 2017. Allendale. Web. 15 Mar. 2017.


Google uses a wide range of elements to optimize our searches. With knowing this it is important to understand how to get people to find your website, or what people will research to find you. Google gives us a tool that helps us figure out what people may search when looking for your website. This is called the keyword planner. You input phrases or or keywords that you think people would search to find your page. They then give you a list of words that you should also include that more people research.

I used this tool and found it very useful. I put in 5 words or phrases an what I got back was very useful. Below are the 5 words I used and how often it is searched for in the greater Grand Rapids area. I also used 5 suggested words or phrases that they gave me below and how often those are searched for as well. With all of this information, this will hopefully get my website more viewers and yours as well.

Photoshop                100-1k                                               5 suggested phrases/words

Baseball                    100-1k                                                Baseball Photoshop 0-10

GVSU athletics       100-1k                                                 MLB                              1k-10k

GVSU                         10-100k                                             Grand Valley State Baseball 10-100

GVSU baseball        10- 100                                              Grand Valley State     100-1k

Grand Valley               1k-10k

Baseball Photoshop is something I would really like to get into.

The MLB season is about to start up soon.

Grand Valley State Baseball is a very fun team to watch.

Grand Valley State is an amazing university to attend.

The Grand Valley difference is a real thing, people a step ahead post graduation.