If you haven’t already used Piktochart I highly recommend it! This project was very interesting to me. I first had to come up with a idea to use and what better way to represent Grand Valley baseball than with a little background on this. Using Picktochart I began to search through templates and come up with the one that would be best for my idea. Don’t worry you can change colors and fonts and all that good stuff while you are creating your piece. I began to pick and choose which parts I liked and which I didn’t. This allowed me to add my own twist to the template to allow it to represent my brand in the best way possible. I began to upload images that would fit and also jump out and make the infographic unique.

While going through all of this I had no clue about the history of this program. I knew going in that there was a history of winning, but not to this degree. It was also interesting to see the past coaches and look up the past record holders for the team, as well as how they stand compared to the rest of division 2. After all of this, and  all the fun I had creating something informative unique, I ended up learning more than I ever thought I would.



Nearing, B. (2017, February 16).GVSU Baseball [Infographic].Retrieved from Piktochart.