Wow what a fun time this project was. After all, being able to watch a video and know you can call it yours is a great feeling. That is exactly what I just did. For the past couple days I began using the video editing and creation tool, Final Cut Pro. This tool is very intriguing and fun to use. I began this by filming video from my teams practice to use for this video. I felt like this would show my brand, in part because its about baseball, and what better way to show this than a day in my life and the life of GVSU baseball. I put these videos into Final Cut and began to make it my own. I did so by adding transitions, music, and adding some twists to the video above. You will just have to watch and see from whats embedded above 🙂

After that fun assignment I got to fool around and recreate the video using the website Storyboard. Check it out through that link. I went and took almost every video and put it in chronological order, and recreate each frame through this storyboard. The storyboard isn’t 100% accurate of whats in the video (my storyboard skills aren’t great) but it gives a good clue of what to expect. That I feel is a major benefit of this because it allows yous to get an idea of what to expect before you watch anything. So if these interest you, go ahead and check out storyboard, and please feel free to watch that video i’m kind of proud of it.



Nearing,B. (2/22/17). StoryBoard screenshot[screenshot].