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How you appear in the eyes of your peers is very important when getting to know others. Therefore I looked to improve how i appear in the eyes of others through the use of the website brand yourself. This website is used to help improve your appearance whenever someone may google your name.

The way this website works, is you first enter your name and the website generates all searches with that name. You then scroll through the results and tell wether or not this search is positive or negative for you, or if its even you. If you decide that a result is negative or not about you, the website then buries the result so that it does not harm you in anyway.

I found this website to be very useful for many reasons. The first being that it helped improve my google search for my name and get rid of anything that was not me that harmed my name. It also showed me numerous ways to help improve my google searches other than just burying bad articles. So for now Ill have to continue to work on my brand and hopefully get put into some positive articles to help me improve in the eyes of this website.


Nearing, B. (2/1/17).BrandYourself screenshot [screenshot].